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Make: 1986 Pontiac
Model: Fiero 2M4 Coupe
Engine: 1991 Quad 4 H.O.
Feeler: 91 HO, 92 3.94 Getrac

How much would a 91 Quad 4 HO from a 91 Beretta with a 92 Grand am External slave Getrag with the 3.94FDR be worth?

The engine had 275,000KM on it before I rebuilt it, I have since put on 25,000KM, I had the crank and rods resized 10 under, new rings, oil pump, timing chain and gears, water pump, the usual, bore and pistons were unchanged since there was 0.0005 (half thou.) wear. The block was shaved to clean up the gasket surface, and same with the head, I am using a 92 fuel rail, and regulator, also a 94 HO TB. The problem is that I took my exhaust manifold off today, and the #2 port was wet, I tasted it and it tasted sweet, the other 3 are fine. I pulled the plug, and it was damp too, same with the top of the piston, there was no pooling on top. I remember last year I had to add 4L of coolant to my coolant bottle, I have never done that the last 3 years of driving, so it must have been going there, the engine runs fine though.

The transmission was out of a 92 Grand Am, originally with a HO Quad 4, but someone swapped in a SOHC Quad in its place, the car had 167,000KM on it, and with the SOHC engine for some time, it had an easy life, I put about 15,000KM on the tranny in the Fiero, so it should have about 180,000 - 185,000KM on it.

For the engine, I believe I have a cracked head. I used a 955 (first casting number 88 head), one of the center cylinders had a crack in the head repaired before I bought it, it also looks like it had new valves in it when I got it. I cant remember which cylinder it was, but I think it may have opened up again. I used Victor Reinz gaskets throuought apart from the head gasket, which is a Fel-Pro Permatorque (or whatever it is called).

I also have a complete 90HO engine from a 90 Grand am and a 94 HO motor from a Grand Am, both complete, the 90 engine has a spun rod bearing, the 94 I dont know. The 90 Grand am engine has a 086 head with multiple cracks, and I have a spare cracked 086 head from the 91 Beretta motor, both with good valves and springs.

Anyways, what would a package like this be worth? The 91 Beretta motor is in awesome shape apart from the suspect leak in cylinder 2. This motor and transmission is in my Fiero right now, but it should be a drop in to any Quad 4 car.

Anyways, what would a combination like this be worth?
1986 Pontiac Fiero 2M4, with a 1991 Quad 4 HO/5-speed engine.
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Old 03-06-2010, 11:27 PM
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Make: Oldsmoble(s)/Chevy/Pontiac/GMC(s)
Model: 91' W41x6/90' W40HC/92'SCXx2/99'S-10/W41 Vert/13' K2500/51' GMC 2.5Ton/89' C2500
Engine: W41x8/W40HC/2.2SFI/6.0L/298ci I6/350ci V8
Make a more clear list and I'm sure someone will make an offer (like me or Jamie).
#83 Quad 442 W4OHC

-1991 Quad 442 W41............-1990 Quad 442 W40HC
-1991 Quad 442 W41 C41......-1988 I Series Clone
-1991 Quad 442 W41 C41......-1994 GA SE OHC HO
-1992 Achieva SCX C41.........-1992 Achieva SCX (WT)
-1992 Achieva SCX (NB)........-1992 Achieva SCX (WT)
-1990 Quad 442 W40............-1988 I Series 4Dr(Race)
-1991 Quasar GTZ
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Old 03-06-2010, 11:55 PM
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Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: N Central Alberta
Posts: 1,006
Make: 1986 Pontiac
Model: Fiero 2M4 Coupe
Engine: 1991 Quad 4 H.O.
Engine 91 Quad 4 HO Block & Accessories from Beretta GTZ
Rebuilt 25,000Km ago with:
Rod and crank mains ground 10 under
Rods resized
Melling Oil Pump
Standard Rings
955 head (88) with shaved gasket surface, possible new valves & springs
Shaved block gasket surface
99 Alero 2.4L TC Starter
100A Alternator
A/C delete pulley
Water Pump
Dual Row timing chain & gears

92 Grand Am 5 Speed Getrac Transmission, 3.94 FDR, external clutch slave with 185,000KM on it. Clutch and resurfaced (HO) flywheel have 10,000KM on them.

I would also include a complete (but mostly dissasembled) 90 HO Quad 4 from a Grand Am, it has 335,000KM and a spun rod bearing, and 2 cracked 086 heads with good valves, and a 94 Grand Am HO motor that I dont know what is wrong, it is complete.

See first post for potential problem with the running engine.

I want to install an Ecotech in my Fiero, and it isnt the cheapest to rebuild a Quad 4 engine, the gasket kit itself up here is like $200, and if I need a head, that is another $100+. If I can get a running ecotech motor with tranny for roughly the same price, I may just go that route. I would just like to see how much interest there is in my lot, and how much it may be worth.
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