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First step is to remove all the usual stuff in order to take off the head. Next step once the head is removed and all the old gasket material removed from the block, make sure the oil check ball is clear of debris (this will affect startup wear it MUST be clean) For ease of installation you will need the intake cam tower in order for the P/S pump to bolt up, and for the Cam Position Sensor. NOTE: although this is a 2.3 head, you cannot run HO camshafts with out a stand-alone ECM.

Next comes the Head gasket.. you MUST use a gasket from a 2.3 or the smaller bore ring from the 2.4 gasket will create a hot spot for detonation. Now comes the hard part. You will need a drill and some Good High Temp RTV.. the orange stuff. The outer water jackets don’t line up perfectly, not do they need too. But just take the drill and open up the hole in the 2.3 head enough to allow water to flow through.. I usually open enough to stick a pinky finger through, you will see what I am talking about when you compare the two heads. Now, around these water passages you will need to use the RTV sealant.. use it around ALL of the water passages, even if no drilling was required (the end with the casting # doesn’t).

Then reinstall the new head torque to 2.4 Specs using new 2.4 head bolts or ARP studs. Everything else will bolt back on.. at this point you can also do the secret cam swap while your at it, I would recommend using the Quad4s valve springs on the exhaust side, and HO intake and exhaust manifolds. We have seen from a stock 2.4 from 127-135hp to the wheels, after the stock 086 head (we weren’t sure how a ported head would affect the ECU), secret cam swap, and HO manifolds with 2.25” exhaust power jumped to 158-161hp which translates to roughly 195hp.. But this does require the ECU to be reflashed.
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