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Old 09-19-2006, 01:01 AM
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I want to build a dirt track car

Yes I am probably full of something that smells bad and is usually brown, ocassionally green. My uncle races at a local dirt track in the pure stock class, its for mostly stock cars with V8's and custom suspension/engine etc. He dominates his class fairly easy just based on his knowing how to setup a chassis to handle in the corners. Most people are using 383's up to 500 cubic inch engines and he just passes them 2 at a time in every corner with his 355 SB lol.

After spending the summer watching him crush the competition it made me want to run in their 4-cylinder class called mini-stock. Their rules pretty much crush any hopes of winning with handling because you have to keep factory springs and struts/shocks on the car. You cant add any power gainers like an intake but you can drop the exhaust as long as it has a muffler. You cant run big tread snow tires, has to be DOT approved rubbers with factory offset rims. I have some ideas that get around some of their rules but I still have some decisions to make. There are a few people on the board here that race berettas or similar cars. After asking around and doing some homework Ive come up with the following:

Celica (94-99)
2450 lbs
2.2L 133HP & 140TRQ

GTZ (90-96)
2750 lbs
2.3L 180HP & 160TRQ

240sx (94-99) RWD
2720 lbs
2.4L 140HP & 155TRQ

Those seem like the good choices. I would love to sport a beretta or grand am to show my true GM colors but they are getting tough to find, especially with the HO motor. Ive read a bit and found out about the rear sway bar upgrade and the front strut bar from the Z24. Right now the guy thats dominating the ministocks has a 92 Prelude with a SOHC 160hp motor. Granted the ludes are heavy but it doesnt seem to stop him, he makes up for his bad handling with power down the straights. Clearly an HO would have enough to beat him if its running good. But I know getting the car to keep momentum thru the corners is the trick. I would rather have a 240sx because its RWD but they cost too friggin much to maintain. There's a $1000 claim rule stating another driver could claim your car for a grand if he believs you to be cheating. So I dont want to spend more than maybe 1,500 or so total. Otherwise I could lose all my money. So with what Ive said above what do you guys think? Im just fishing for ideas because I have a while to think this thru. My ideal car would be a GTZ because they look good as well but I cant even find one that has a decent engine with 5-speed for less than $1000, even though most around here are beat up and rusty. Im open to ideas so any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

Old 09-24-2006, 02:52 PM
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idk very much about dirt track, but i think you'll want a rwd car. fwd has better traction but a rwd will allow you to powerslide in turns. just my 2 cents.

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Old 09-24-2006, 10:37 PM
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Engine: why is this even an option?
don't waste a gtz on that. and the gtz was only built until 93, 94-95 were the z26.
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Old 09-25-2006, 12:37 AM
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Only reason I would consider a HO 2.3 for this is it would dominte. Im not so stupid to think FWD is better but show me a RWD car with a 4-cylinder that I can get for a good price. They dont exist! Even 240sx cars in the JY cost a grand. There's a $1000 claim rule on cars so obviously Im not gonna spend more than that because I could lose the car.

If I did this my plan would to find either a 2.4 and do a head swap and use a 90 body style grand am.
Old 09-26-2006, 06:50 PM
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Depending on the track, FWD may be better. I raced dirt for about 5yrs, and won the ministock championship in my second year. My car was RWD, but my closest competitors had FWD cars, and were easily as fast as me.
Alot depends on how wet the track is, and what condition it is by feature time.
FWD cars can be very competitive on dirt.
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Old 09-26-2006, 10:16 PM
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I built up a car several years ago for cheap. It was a 1985 MR2. They were the lightest of the MKI and also the better suspension. I then swapped a JDM spec 1.6l in there, 130hp stock. All in all, I did the labor myself and ended up spending about $1300 for the car and motor. I made a custom intake and exhaust. I've no idea how much power the car had in the end, but it was a fun little car to drive -- expecially with the 5-speed.

Then, like a dumbass, I sold the car a couple years later. Not a spec of rust or bad paint. A year later, after whining to my wife about missing the excitement of driving a little go-kart car, I went to search for a replacement. The only ones I could find were rusted up or bent all up, and still they were asking twice what I sold mine for.

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